Experience Our "Liquid Wisdom"


The White Bear Coffee name has become synonymous with top quality coffee products while becoming a key supplier in Retail, Food Service, Vending, Office Coffee, “C” Stores and Gourmet Coffee Shops.  White Bear Coffee’s are handpicked from the finest growing regions and expertly blended and roasted to our unique recipes.   White Bear Coffee knows coffee is personal and as a result we offer a wide range of blends and taste profiles to meet your needs.  All of  White Bear Coffees are made from premium Arabica beans.

Our top distinct flavors have been created by White Bear Coffee , to help everyone select their perfect cup of coffee.

  • White Bear Blend
    Darker Roast , premium quality blend, ideal for resturants, hotels and general taste (City Roast)
  • White Bear Donut Shop Blend
    A lighter roast and fine grind, balances the full taste and mild finish. It’s the golden brew of the past.
  • White Bear 100% Columbian Gold
    The dark roast (yet not burnt) and fine grind enhances the full-flavors of this blend. Our most popular blend is an eye-opening first cup.
  • Maui Dark Roast
    The name says it all. This bold taste awakens the senses and leaves you yearning for more. White Bear Grizzly – The taste that satisfies a broad spectrum of palates
  • Flavored Coffee
  • White Bear Decaf
    All natural, European water process for a true coffee flavor.

All of our blends are available in 2 count filter packs and single filter packs for hotel in room use.

White Bear Coffee also offers all of our blends in single cup serving pods, while fulfilling our environmental obligations – EVEN OUR PACKAGING IS FULLY BIODEGRADABLE. Green is not just a color, it’s the cornerstone of friendly environmental choices.